Changing a Gaslift

How to change over a gaslift


Extend the chair to its maximum height with the gaslift handle.

Turn the chair upside down and rest it on a workbench.

Spray lubricant (eg:WD40) where the gas cylinder fits into the mechanism and at the point where the gas cylinder fits into the five-star base.

Let oil solution soak in.  NB:  The longer this has to soak in the easier it will be to separate the chair parts. Ideally let the oil solution soak for several hours or overnight.

Hold the five-star base with your hand and using a heavy hammer strike the bottom of the gaslift as per  shown on Diagram 1 until the base separates and lifts away from the gaslift.

If the chair is fitted with a footring, untighten the locking handwheel from the footring to loosen the footring on the gaslift cylinder.  Remove the footring from the base of the gas cylinder.

Hold the gaslift and raise the chair above the workbench, and using heavy soft hammer such as rubber or hide, strike the mechanism as shown on Diagram 2 until the cylinder separates.    

Wipe the lubricant off the chair parts.

Replace the new gas cylinder with the top ‘pin’ located within the mechanism casing.    

Replace the footring onto the gas cylinder and tighten the handwheel to secure in to position.   The footring should be positioned about half way along the gas cylinder.

Replace the chair base onto the base of the gas cylinder and secure into place using a heavy soft hammer.


Diagram 1

Diagram 2

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