Fitting Height Adjustable Arms



Height adjustable arms can be retro-fitted to most chair models.

Please see below for details of how this can be done for all our chair ranges.    

Turn chair upside down and rest it on a workbench.

Undo the bolts that affix the mechanism to the chair seat from the bottom half of the chair.

Height Adjustable Arms - Undo Bolts

Remove the four spare bolts and washers from the chair seat.

Ensure the arm rests are facing the right direction and place the bracket over the seat into the indentation. Use the bolts and washers to secure the armrest bracket into position.

Height Adjustable Arms - Remove Bolts

Replace the mechanism over the armrest bracket and replace the bolts and washers to secure them mechanism.

Return the chair to the upright position.

Height Adjustable Arms - Replace Mechanism

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